From Reusable Booze Pouches to Bagged Brazilian Cocktails

 - May 4, 2015
Beverage pouches are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to carry around their drink, whether it's a healthy and fiber-rich oatmeal smoothie as a post-workout snack or a party cocktail for a wild night out on the town.

Indeed in many ways, alcoholic beverage pouches have been inspired by the fruit juice pouches that many of us had in our lunch packages back in kindergarten. The convenience of pouches is unbeatable, as the packaging weighs almost nothing on its own, making it a lot easier to carry around than a glass bottle or aluminum can.

Beverage pouches also open up interesting possibilities for packaging, as colors and texts come off rather differently on pouches compared to bottles or cans. Convenient, eye-catching and inexpensive, beverage pouches simply make good sense for a wide variety of consumers.