Kold Cocktails is Both Casual and Classy

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: koldcocktails & thegrocer
Many alcohol companies are attempting to straddle the line between classy and casual and these ready-to-drink bagged cocktails succeed beautifully. The clean yet fashionable branding maintains a sophisticated edge while the mode of containment is fun and playful. As though modeled after a children's juice drink, Kold Cocktails introduces a great way to enjoy a nice summer day in the backyard or out with some friends.

Available in three flavors including frozen mojito, frozen cosmopolitan and frozen lychee martini, these ready-to-drink bagged cocktails will satisfy any person's thirst. Although clearly targeting women, the casual packaging could attract the odd man as well. The Grocer reports, "Founder Nick Sotiropoulos said they were less sweet and were targeted at 'real' cocktail drinkers rather than 'the alcopop crowd." Kold Cocktails is currently looking for a distributor.