These Millennial Drinking Products Appeal to Adventurous Tastes

 - Aug 7, 2015
Millennial drinking habits reveal that the adults of Generation Y are group of thrill-seekers who have a taste for adventure that is being satisfied with intense flavors and unusual textures. Since this generation is always on the go, there is a growing market for ready-to-drink products that make the consumption of pre-mixed cocktails and alcoholic shots easy so that the party can go on.

Many of these consumers are favoring the kind of exotic flavors that can be found in experimental craft brews like Almanac Beer Co.'s Dogpatch Sour. As sales of traditional drinks are slipping, this is inspiring the rest of the alcohol industry to step up with inventive crossover flavors like tequila-inspired beer, sangria-vodka or 'Vodquila.'

Adventure-seeking Millennials are willing to go so far in their search for something new that they will forego alcohol altogether if it means discovering something novel. The rise in drinks with low or zero alcohol content is being pushed with products like tea and water that take inspiration from cocktails, beer and wine.