This Spanish Blue Wine is Best Served Cold Due to Its Sweet Aromatic Flavors

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: & thedrinksbusiness
In a collaborative effort between the University of Basque Country's food research department and Azti Tecnalia, a sweet blue wine has been created. The process to create and perfect this Spanish wine took about two years.

The joint efforts of six entrepreneurs brought the 'Gik' wine to life using a base made from red and white grapes. The blue wine gets its hue from anthocyanin and indigo pigments.

This unique style of wine is aimed towards a younger generation of wine drinkers who are seeking a playful twist to a traditional and elegant beverage. The wine comes in a clear bottle to reveal the bright blue hue and it is labeled with a quirky pooch wearing shades drinking the wine. Gik has an alcohol content of 11.5 percent and is best served cold because of its sweet flavors.