- Dec 15, 2015
With the holiday season in full swing, festive beverage branding is being introduced by both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink manufacturers. From rich wines to everyone's favorite coffee blend, these labels and designs are in tune with the season.

Starbucks was among the first to introduce its holiday branding for the year, with minimal red holiday cups and a co-branded collection of mugs and tumblers in partnership with N. Hoolywood. Wine brands such as Chandon and Blossa have also indulged in festive beverage branding by redecorating their bottles in new colorways that are most associated with the holiday season.

Lastly, Christmas mogul Coca-Cola has refashioned its bottles to include a decorative bow label while Euroboozer beer utilizes jolly St. Nick to front its holiday bottles.

From Crossover Coffee Cups to Santa-Clad Beer Bottles: