Goods & Services' Wine Branding is an Upscale Take on Naughty and Nice

 - Jul 4, 2015
References: gsbranding & packagingoftheworld
For the creation of its holiday wine gift, Goods & Services' decided to play up being judged as either naughty or nice during the Christmas season. Rather than making this obvious in the traditional way, the bottles include subtle hints through color schemes, the use of the words "Good" or "Bad" on the back of the bottles, as well as halo and horned detailing.

The two holiday bottles were dressed up as characters from Alpine folklore, including the good Nicholas who inspired the Santa we now know and love, as well as Krampus, a figure best known as "the horned punisher."

These sophisticated holiday gifts are a comical adult way to let someone know if they've been good or bad throughout the year.