From Romantic Taxi Rides to Thermochromatic Flower Shops

 - Feb 13, 2016
These Valentine's Day marketing stunts mark the one time of year that many brands get to have some fun playing Cupid. Romantic getaways, decadent meals, flowers and jewelry are some of the hallmarks of this holiday that are being amplified by members of the transportation, food, fashion and entertainment industries. For instance, on the theme of travel, this year Virgin Trains launched a 'Love Carriage' for speed dating, while Addison Lee introduced a 'CupidCab' service as a last-minute gift idea for couples.

In terms of packaging, Veuve Clicquot and Marmite both began separate initiatives to help consumers create personalized packaging for loved ones, which always feels more special than an off-the-shelf item.

While many Valentine's Day motifs and gifts have become cliché, ThinkGeek and Doritos are two brands doing things differently this year with bouquets made of plush dinosaur toys and Ketchup potato chips.