This Valentines Chocolate Ad Demonstrates the Science Behind Love

 - Feb 5, 2015
References: facebook & adverblog
In response to a statistic that revealed only 2% of Danish men love Valentine's Day, chocolatier Anthon Berg wanted to prove how a box of chocolates could instantly inspire romance with a clever chocolate ad video.

'The Valentine Experiment' was conducted as a real scientific experiment, led by Professor Paul Zak and the USC Reproductive Endocine Research Lab. The test involved collecting two vials of a man's blood, before and after telling a female partner the reasons she is so loved and presenting her with a box of chocolates. As a result, it was found that the presence of "the love molecule," or oxytocin was about 27.5% higher in the men after making a romantic connection with their respective partners. In comparison to the gripes about Valentine's Day in the beginning of the experiment, the guys really seem to get in the romantic spirit.