- Apr 23, 2015
In marketing, fashion commercial or video ads are just one way of engaging the intended consumer. Especially when it comes to clothing and apparel, customers will want to see the way pieces move. Beyond a practical element, the fashion commercial can be as artistic and expressive as the wearable art itself. Whether fashion brands and designers are creating essentially short films or crafting inventive ways using modern technology to reach audiences, creativity is the name of the game.

Using video-enabling social media platforms like Instagram, brands can reach potential customers who might not be watching traditional commercials on television or even on streaming websites. The Gap and Kate Spade are examples of this, with the former's ongoing 'Spring is Weird' web series and the latter's holiday campaign starring Anna Kendrick. Celebrity endorsements are a tried and true tactic, including the Dior bridal short featuring Natalie Portman.

From Storytelling Social Campaigns to Couture Bridal Short Films: