This Ad Explains Using Recycled Vintage Clothing to Raise Funds

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
The hipster influence is in full swing these days, and recycled vintage clothing has become all the rage. Due to this trend, you'll often find young people wearing clothes old enough to be their grandparent's. They say fashion goes in cycles and this is the clearest example of such a cycle.

No one captures young people's newfound affinity for their grandparent's clothes better than Seattle rapper Macklemore in his song "Thrift Shop."

This commercial is using this fashion trend as a way to raise funds for poverty-ridden elderly people. The idea is to take recycled vintage clothing and place it on today's top models for a photoshoot. The clothes are then sold online and in local shops and all the proceeds go towards helping elderly people who don't have enough resources to support themselves.