- Jan 28, 2014
Consumers are easily distracted when it comes to ads and commercials, but these humorous candy campaigns have creatively infused cartoons and comical themes as a way to make an impression with viewers.

The competition amongst candy retailers to draw in new consumers is increasingly difficult, especially with several products being eerily similar in design and taste. That's why companies are resorting to inventive marketing techniques to sell products, with aims to create a loyal brand following. Viral videos can be a great way to engage consumers, especially the more youthful, tech-savvy generation, prompting marketers to utilize such tactics as humor in their advertisements.

From sour-faced doll prints to sing-a-long candy commercials and uncomfortably comical ads, these humorous candy campaigns will definitely catch a consumer's attention with their use of viral marketing.

From Candy Disease Ads to Squeezed Head Ads: