The Skittles 'Bleachers' Video Covers Subjects with Sweets

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: break & creativity-online
The Skittles 'Bleachers' video is a play on the shape and size of Skittles candy. By applying an adhesive to individual pieces and sticking them all over the characters in the commercial, the makers behind the ad have made each person look sick with colorful chicken pox.

The Skittles Bleachers video is a unique way to advertise a product. One would think that associating disease with candy isn't the best way to gain consumer attention, but this commercial manages to achieve this feat. Humor definitely gives the makers of this video some leeway, because without it, most onlookers would be turned off from this delectable treat.

Check out this Skittles video to see how tasty these morsels really are.