From Heart-Filled Confections to Household Botanical Pastries

 - Jun 30, 2014
Many couples are opting to forego the traditional wedding cake for alternative wedding cupcakes in order to offer something different as well as cut costs. The cutting and plating fee for cakes can be ridiculous at times and these desserts conveniently avoid those costs.

Although slightly more informal, these alternative wedding cupcakes show that people can get even more creative when it comes to having the main dessert match the wedding. Whether adhering to a fun theme such as zombie apocalypse, 'Harry Potter' or even 'Game of Thrones,' or simply embracing feminine and whimsical design as with heart-centered creations and luxury options, alternative wedding cupcakes are the way to go.

Especially perfect for summer and fall events, these alternative wedding cupcakes will help people decide which route to take for the cake.