These Button Cupcakes Are a Tasty Tribute to Seamstresses Everywhere

The Esty store seller Jennifer from Sweeten Your Day Events crafted these charming Button Cupcakes as part of a sewing-themed baby shower she threw for her sister. Featured by the blog Sweet Designs, these Button Cupcakes will thrill buttercream fanatics and fabric whisperers alike. Placed alongside a plate piled high with ribbon cookies and one terribly tempting button cake, these Button Cupcakes are the ideal and delicious complement to a picture-perfect baby shower.

Although this impressive baby shower has many things going for it, these Button Cupcake steal the show.These simple vanilla cupcakes go from ordinary to extraordinary with the application of edible buttons. Each button is thoughtfully colored the perfect combination of hues to complement the overall theme of the baby shower. Looking like a whimsical sewing wonderland, this baby shower is enough to make expectant moms everywhere green with envy.