- Jul 9, 2015
Fruit-topped desserts aren't always a healthy alternative to the usual frosting-covered confections but each decadent dish does add a fresh flavor. These fruity dishes range from patriotic party-worthy specials to desserts that can also serve as a brunch item.

Canadian flag cakes are perfect for any Canada Day soirees while superfood patriot parfaits are an Independence Day dessert riddle with red, white and blueberry chia. While berries are a common dessert topper, these fruit-topped desserts also include underused fruits such as kiwi and watermelon. Frozen yogurt fruit sandwiches utilize kiwi slices as sandwich buns while whole watermelon cakes use a watermelon chunk in place of an actual cake.

Fruit-topped desserts also include Mediterranean delicacies such as Greek yogurt cheesecake.

From Canadian Flag Cakes to Overloaded Strawberry Desserts: