Iamafoodblog's Pistachio Matcha Raspberry Puffs are Tasty and Healthy

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: iamafoodblog
Iamafoodblog's recipe for pistachio matcha raspberry puffs is a bite-sized and healthy alternative to the traditional pastry cream dessert. Made from puff pastry, matcha pastry cream and fresh raspberries, this dessert recipe is light and indulgent, satisfying one's sweet tooth with half the calories of a store-bought pastry.

These gourmet jar desserts are a cocktail party favorite and are easy to recreate at home. Each of the matcha raspberry puffs is garnished with chopped pistachio toppings that adorn a rich layer of whipped cream.

Once completed, the finished product from iamafoodblog is also garnished with a fine layer of matcha green tea powder. This final touch adds to the dessert's flavor while enhancing its level of aesthetics and presentation. Borrowing from Asian cuisine, North American food bloggers are using matcha as a mainstream ingredient that adds a cultural twist to traditional dishes and desserts.