From Mushroom Energy Drinks to Healthy Green Tea Cocktails

 - Sep 8, 2015
These exotic beverage innovations range from multicultural energy drinks to tea-based cocktail recipes -- infused with hints of Indian Chai or green tea. In addition to travel-themed cocktails and cultural wine blends, globally-inspired morning beverages have also gained popularity in recent months.

Standouts include yam tea and matcha coconut lattes along with iced Thai teas that are infused with milk and herb ingredients. When it comes to smoothies, juices and energy drinks, the beverage industry is also becoming more experimental with new products that borrow from other cultures.

These include fungal energy drinks -- Korea's Gatorade range experiments with mushroom flavors -- along with mushroom-based iced teas that borrow from traditional Siberian beverage blends. Other favorites include signature beers that blend traditional brewing practices with bold flavor fusions.