This Suntory Space Whiskey Will Age on the International Space Station

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: forbes & bustle
Japanese brand Suntory Holdings will be sending six samples of its whiskey to the International Space Station to test the effects of outer space on the aging process, essentially creating a new space whiskey.

While the general rule is that the aging process adds a quality of mellowness to whiskey and other alcohols, the science behind this reaction is not yet fully understood. The team behind the Suntory space whiskey hopes that an aging period in the Japanese experimentation module of the ISS will offer new insight. Although Suntory is already known as one of the best whiskey makers in the world, the knowledge acquired from the space whiskey may allow Suntory's liquor to become an even finer product.

The results of the space whiskey experiment could change the beverage industry forever.