From Solar System Necklaces to Astronomic Cutting Boards

 - Dec 25, 2015
Home astronomers and outer space enthusiasts who have been closely following news of news of NASA finding water on Mars and fans of The Martian and Interstellar will appreciate these space gifts.

While the Internet has the tendency to make the world feel quite small and interconnected, there's a growing fascination with the depth of space and all of its secrets. These gifts range from home decor items to apparel and accessories that fuel a love of space.

Fans of outer space will be able to feel as if far-off planets and stars are within much closer reach with items like astronaut-inspired food tubes and space-grade printing filaments that replicate the experience of being in space. For a true taste of space, a number of alcohol brands have also been experimenting with sending whiskey and beer to space to bring back out-of-this-world experiences.