The Flip Light Rotates Within Its Rings to Adjust Direction and Diffusion

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: kyuhyungcho
While the Flip Light might match the description of a light fixture, this illuminating contraption is much more flexible than most. The pendant lamp suspends from a cable that's fastened to a ring, and to this, the radiating component is attached on an axis.

The assembly of Kyuhyung Cho's ceiling light facilitates great versatility, enabling the user to adjust the intensity and the direction of the bright white rays. Built like a vanity mirror, the components swivel, spin and change angles, altering the visible surface area from particular vantage points.

The conceptual impression of this illuminator is like that of a lunar eclipse. The LED Flip Light might be contemporary and look a bit industrial, but it actually exudes quite an organic design.