From Anti-Aging Pillows to Timber Bungalow Additions

 - May 17, 2015
Now that winter is over and it's time to be greeted by warm weather on a regular basis, many of the top May 2015 home ideas show that people are thinking about spring cleaning, gardening and spending more time enjoying the outdoors.

When it comes to improving upon the home garden, it's possible to get more green in your life with compact gardening kits, furniture that features built-in planters and quirky flower pots that double as pieces of decor when not in use.

Knowing that this is the best time of year to give your living space a good cleaning, there are some handy infographic guides to make it easy to tackle this project. This means that there is so much of opportunity to embrace an "out with the old, in with new" attitude, especially when it comes to scoping out new beds, storage, devices and utensils.