Bougeoir Labyrinthe by Miriam Josi Takes on a Colorful Maze Shape

 - Apr 15, 2015
References: miriam-josi & design-milk
Bougeoir Labyrinthe is a modern candelabra inspired by a name, hence its name. At once orderly and chaotic, the soldered iron its made out of bends in an intricate way in order to create a game as much as a piece of home decor. What makes the modern candelabra even more special is the use of colorful thread wrapped around parts of the metal, making the design appear more approachable.

Designed by Miriam Josi, the modern candelabra takes on a few different forms, some more complex than others. These forms can be arranged by the owner him- or herself since each set comes with three pieces. Whether separated or arranged together, the modern candelabra is a stunning piece that would elevate any surrpnd