Gro-Sure's Aqua Gel Lawn Product Flourishes in Problem Areas, Sun and Shade

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: wickes & hortweek
For an amateur gardener, the constant sodding, watering and mowing that a lawn requires can be quite intimidating, which is exactly why Westland developed its Gro-Sure lawn seeds. Finding that the average homeowner is simply overwhelmed with lawn product choices in-store, Gro-Sure was developed as a multi-purpose seed that provides solutions for the most common problems that come with lawn care.

Developed over a period of 24 months, the lawn seeds are made of a patented aqua gel that is able to soak up 400 times its own weight in water and gradually release it when needed. This is what makes the innovative lawn seed suitable for use in the sun, shade and patchy areas.

The recyclable product packaging doubles as the seed applicator, providing absolutely everything that a novice gardener would need to tend to their lawn.