From At-Home Herbal Kits to Mushroom-Growing Logs

 - Feb 18, 2016
These DIY gardening innovations range from at-home herb kits to mushroom-growing logs that are ideal for eco-conscious, urban dwellers. The rising popularity of DIY gardening and food cultivation kits is a result of consumers' lack of outdoor space.

Urban dwellers often lack a backyard or balcony space, making indoor green walls, at-home composters and DIY gardening kits all the more prevalent and convenient for this demographic. Millennials with an appreciation for locally sourced and sustainable food products have quickly embraced this DIY gardening products thanks to their convenient and cost-effective nature.

In addition to traditional DIY gardening innovations, other standouts in today's market include DIY hot sauce kits that are equipped with fresh herbs, spices and dried peppers along with kid-friendly planting sets that encourage young generations to replace screen time with quality outdoor play.