This Recipe for Herb-Infused Vinegar Provides an Alternative to Drying

 - Feb 16, 2016
References: tasteofhome
The 'Taste of Home' blog recently put together a tutorial for making herb-infused vinegar at home. While drying fresh herbs is one preservation technique, this tutorial provides an alternative option for those who want to enjoy the tangy taste of herbs regularly.

To make herb-infused vinegar, consumers will need a clove of garlic, fresh herbs and either white vinegar or white wine vinegar. This particular tutorial provides instructions for making vinegar out of oregano, basil and tarragon, however other herbs can also be used. Once the vinegar has been infused with the herbs and garlic, the mixture can be covered and stored for up to a year. This means consumers can enjoy fresh herbs in salad dressings, marinades or in any other recipe that calls for vinegar.

The tutorial provides a simple DIY solution for consumers who are looking for a creative way to use up fresh herbs from the store or from their home garden.