These New England Heirloom Seeds are sold in Preferred Varieties

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: kaufmann-mercantile
Kaufmann Mercantile is an e-commerce shop that specializes in well-made and artisanal leather goods, home accessories and even gardening supplies like these New England heirloom seeds. Unlike most generic planting kits, these heirloom seeds are available in eleven fresh and organic varieties.

Whether you're a fan of heirloom tomatoes and peppers or more interested in growing an herb garden with chives and thyme plants, these seed kits are an ideal choice. While heirloom seeds are nothing new for experienced gardeners, Kaufmann Mercantile's planting kits target urban dwellers who are limited when it comes to green spaces.

These compact kits are perfect for those who wish to plant an accessible herb or vegetable garden in their kitchen or on their condo balcony.