The Tea Bag Mug Protects Live Leaf Satchels for Future Brewed Beverages

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The Tea Bag Mug was designed for regular tea drinkers who constantly find themselves reusing their steeped teabags, cup after cup. There is of course the concern that bacteria can form on the drying sachets between each brew, but this culinary contraption addresses it.

Yizhe Zhou's idea was to create a beaker-like hot drink thermos with a special protective case for your typical teabag. A sturdy stem extends beneath the lid and holds the leaf-filled pouch towards the bottom of the glass. Surrounded in this second level of chamber with only a few ventilation holes for the escaping of the flavor, the sachet is kept better protected than it would be on a dish on your kitchen counter. The Tea Bag Mug helps to encourage resourceful consumption, safely.