From Litterbug Shaming Campaigns to Alternative Vegetarian Meatballs

 - May 30, 2015
The May 2015 eco innovations include environmentally conscious products and services, from new technologies that enable consumers to be more sustainable to crafty recycling projects and clever packaging design.

Hydroponic technology is becoming increasingly popular, which is essentially a self-watering way of growing plants, often without soil. This enables new ways for city dwellers to participate in urban gardening in the form of microfarms that are also easy to use. There also continues to be an increased focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Examples include several instances of food packages, from rice paper pizza boxes to complete lunch kits and takeout containers. Natural ingredients are also in high demand.

When it comes to May 2015 eco transportation, there is an added emphasis on public transportation and bicycles (both electric and standard).