This DIY Backyard Tiller Reduces Noise and Energy Consumption

 - Apr 13, 2015
References: treehugger
A Colorado man named Dennis Evers has created a solar-powered garden tiller out of an existing conventional tiller. Evers used only scrounge parts and took about 6 hours to convert the tiller into a completely solar-powered version. Evers is an experienced DIY enthusiast and has come up with several DIY home and garden projects in the past, including solar hot water and electric system, emergency gadgets and more.

This garden tiller's motor is a lawn mower starter, and the machine's power comes courtesy of a 5 Watt solar panel, with a one way blocking diode used instead of a regular solar controller.

This project goes to show just how simple it can be to create a gardening machine that is good for the environment but doesn't compromise on performance.