This Organic Chocolate Treat is Bundled in a Biodegradable Shell

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: montezumas & packagingoftheworld
The environmental implications of this eco Easter egg container are great, for it's food-centered holidays like the early April observance that encourage the increased consumption of packaged goods. People carry on with their usual meal-eating, but for a short while, they're buying sweets at an inflated rate, producing a surge of waste in the form of boxes and plastic wrappers.

Montezuma of the UK strove to do its part for the planet, opting to protect its Organic Milk & Butterscotch Easter eggs in eco-friendly packaging. Biodegradable paper was molded into the form of the rounded treat inside, and this clever shell simply disintegrates when it's thrown in the compost. A thin layer of foil guards against any water damage to the eco Easter egg, and a slender sleeve labels the goodie with the product information.