From Decadent Chocolate Truffles to Preppy Designer Pastries

 - Oct 5, 2015
These luxurious desserts range from bank-breaking snacks to co-branded creations. Whether you're a fan of chocolate or cake, there is a dessert for every kind of luxury lover.

While chocolatier Martin Chiffers crafted a line of Easter chocolates priced at $50,000, La Maison Du Chocolat's avian Easter eggs are luxurious and playful. Other lush chocolate treats include the Verve-Crowne Plaza Natick's Chocolate Sphere, which has curated quite the buzz on social media for its magical attributes and decadent taste.

For luxury fans who world rather indulge in a softer sweet treat, these luxurious desserts also include caviar-topped Twinkies for a more opulent cream-filled snack as well as the Tara Jarmon and La P√Ętisserie cream puff, which fuse fashion and pastry aesthetics.