From Festive Energy Bars to Luxurious Easter Eggs

 - Jul 17, 2015
One of the most anticipated parts of any special occasion is being able to celebrate through giving, receiving—and ultimately eating—holiday food gifts.

Although many brands go out of their way to create specially shaped packaging that often resembles holiday icons like bunnies, reindeer, cupids and hearts, there are also a number of examples where a plain rectangular box works just as well, if not better. For instance, Pizza Hut Korea's Christmas present-like pizza boxes, CLINIC 212's Sweetmas candy box and a Chocolats Favoris' box that includes subtle rabbit-inspired details.

Packaging plays a big part in the presentation of a product, but a slight rebranding can also contribute to how desirable a food item is as a gift. Brands that have demonstrated this well over the holiday seasons include Cadbury, Nestle and Clif Bars.