Hong Kong's Anti-Litter Cleanup Initiative Calls Out People Who Litter

 - Apr 23, 2015
References: adverblog
Consumers are continually bombarded with messages that seduce them to buy new things, but there are few anti-litter campaigns that have the same impact. In order to deal with the staggering amount of trash that covers the streets of Hong Kong, Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong teamed up with the city for a CleanUp Initiative.

Dubbed 'The Face of Litter,' this project involved going around the city and collecting items that people had carelessly discarded and left their DNA on. These objects were taken back to the lab and with the use of Snapshot DNA phenotyping analysis, scientists were able to use the data to reconstruct the faces of the people who left the litter behind. Images of these faces were posted in public, featuring the messes left behind by these individuals.

Although people are often asked to do the right thing and take the time to dispose of waste properly, inspirational campaigns don't attract attention or spur action in the same way public shaming does.