From Ugly Produce Campaigns to Charitable Hunger Apps

 - Jul 29, 2015
These food preservation projects seek to tackle the growing issue of food waste in urban communities. Many consumers and business establishments are guilty of throwing out enormous amounts of food each and every day. These food preservation projects seek to tackle the problem of food waste through innovative campaigns and cutting-edge technology.

For the average consumer, it can be difficult to use up every piece of food you purchase. To combat the issue of household food waste, many companies have developed products that help extend the life of the fresh food we buy. Some of the revolutionary products that help consumers reduce food waste include electricity-free vegetable storage, rejuvenating food covers and produce-extending gadgets.

While the issue of consumer food waste is a growing concern, a great deal of food waste also comes from businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants. One of the innovative ways that supermarkets have sought to combat food waste is by making their surplus products available to charities and other non-profit organization. In contrast, many restaurants have been cutting down on food waste by using leftovers for other purposes such as compost or new menu items.