#WhatTheFork Aims to Reduce Food Waste by Embracing 'Ugly' Produce

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: change.org & refinery29
In an effort to reduce food waste in some of the biggest supermarkets around the world, food activist Jordan Figueiredo and nutritionist Stefanie Sacks joined forces to create a social campaign called #WhatTheFork.

This hashtag is accompanied by a petition that makes noise about the staggering amount of misshapen fruits and vegetables that ends up going uneaten simply because it looks different from many other perfectly formed pieces of produce.

Now that there are some forward-thinking supermarkets selling "ugly produce" at discounted prices, this is proving to be of value to shoppers, retailers, farmers and the environment. As population increases and fresh food sources are depleted, hopefully attitudes towards perfect produce will shift to reduce food waste and sate hunger around the world.