From Local Food Waste Eateries to Waste-Free Grocer Concepts

 - Feb 11, 2016
From elegant dining concepts that replenish menus with produce salvaged from local grocers to food trucks that are helping to reimagine what is edible, food rescue initiatives are proving to be a dynamic approach to the global food crisis. As many grocers aim to lessen the amount of unsold food they waste, the movement is picking up speed, with France recently becoming the first country in the world to make it the law that all grocery retailers must donate the food they are unable to sell.

One winning example of some of the innovative food rescue initiatives emerging includes InStock, an Amsterdam restaurant a side project of Dutch grocery retail chain Albert Heijn. The brainchild of four retail employees, the idea was greenlit by the brand's board and is now the dedicated destination for all excess food from any of the chain's locations.