This Organization is Using Restaurant Food Leftovers to Fight Hunger

The thought of food leftovers probably induces a dread of soggy sandwiches, wilted salad and questionable meat loafs and shepherd's pies. But in the U.S., food leftovers are actually a huge social problem.

Of all the food the U.S. produces, 40% goes uneaten and becomes food leftovers that are sent to the landfill. An organization in New York City, called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, aims to combat this issue. RLC collects food leftovers from restaurants around the city and donates it to homeless shelters.

The concept is simple, but RLC puts a lot of planning and thought into the initiative. It has its own specially designed app that allows restaurants to report when they have excess food and then notifies available volunteers in the area. It even produces reports for the restaurants so they can easily identify where and when food waste is happening -- although this may mean fewer donations for RLC in the long run, it helps reduce the enormous amount of food leftovers wasted by Americans.