The Salvage Supperclub Initiative Serves Food From Dumpsters in a 6 Course Meal

If you've ever considered eating food out of the garbage, you might enjoy dining at New York City's Salvage Supperclub. Established last month by graduate student Josh Treuhaft, the food initiative gives people the chance to pay $50 for a six course meal made out of food scraps found in a dumpster. While the concept is a bit disgusting, the idea is that good food doesn't go to waste. Chefs from the Natural Gourmet Institute create the dishes out of 'overripe' vegetables and fruit, which also could redefine what people consider to be wasted produce.

Fittingly, people also dine in a retro-fitted demolition dumpster site. Salvage Supperclub will features dishes from chefs around the city, and the findings will serve as Josh's master's thesis.