- Mar 4, 2015
Concept and single-theme cafes are one way restaurateurs are infusing the casual dining experience with fresh ideas.

Whether it's a cat cafe, offering customers the chance to hang out with a litter of kittens as they enjoy their latte, or a hybrid cafe-laundromat, where you can simultaneously do a load of laundry and eat a sandwich, there seems to be no shortage of original and sometimes bizarre concept cafes that are redefining the consumer dining experience.

London in particular plays host to a wide variety of cafe-based experiences, like an owl cafe where you can enjoy a nightcap among nocturnal birds, the infamous cereal cafe carrying an endless array of sugary breakfast foods or a more refined oatmeal pop-up cafe that aims to add international ingredients into porridge.

From Nostalgic Cereal Cafes to Iconic Gaming Eateries: