The Stock Coffee Shop Features an Informal Design

Serbian design studio Arhitektura Budjevas have designed the 'Stock Coffee' coffee shop, located in Niš, Serbia. Formerly a retail space, the spot has been transformed into a refreshingly simple cafe characterized by its exposed beams and columns.

The longest wall, which stretches throughout the the entire expanse of the shop, has been re-appropriated into a blackboard featuring illustrations by artist Jelena Ilic. Along with the exposed concrete, the architects integrated wood into the space for a welcoming touch. Similarly, metal sewer pipes that were left exposed have been coated with rubber-like insulation to soften the look.

The furniture is meant to enhance visual variety while remaining relaxed and informal. The Thonet chairs are painted black and beige, and accented by lighting pendants, some of which feature metal reflectors, and others which are made of paper.