From Portable French Presses to Simple Espresso Brewers

 - Oct 27, 2015
These analog brewing innovations range from disposable French presses to simplistic espresso brewers that are more hands-on than traditional electric appliances. In recent months, coffee maker culture has re-emerged among beverage fans who are interested in where their favorite brew comes from and how it's brewed to perfection.

While many are satisfied with simply purchasing their morning coffee or with a brew that is prepared via a smart brewing device, bespoke coffee fans are embracing a more involved approach that requires careful precision and analog brewing tools. Some of these emerging products include cold coffee brewers that are compact and ideal for on-the-go use along with loose-leaf steepers that are also designed for easy transport.

Other notable examples include portable coffee kits -- equipped with a filter, portable brewer, coffee packets and a mug -- along with novelty tea steepers that are modeled after familiar characters. Furthermore, a variety of old world coffee kits are also emerging on the market and are not only designed for bespoke brew fans but also for those with a keen eye for design.