The Henry Coffee Maker Serves Up an All-in-One Java-Brewing Appliance

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: albanlehenry
The Alban le Henry Coffee Maker has been designed to be quite different from the conventional device of its sort. You can see a clear pitcher instead of a pot and a peculiar tap that fulfils part of the purpose of a kettle. The arrangement streamlines your brewing process, meanwhile condensing the area and the implements necessary for carrying out the preparation of your morning caffeine hit.

The base of the clever coffee machine actually serves as a reservoir in which water can be boiled. Simply fill it up by pouring liquid into the tiny cup that's built into the side. Plug in the Alban le Henry Coffee Maker and flip the switch to get it heating up. Steaming H2O will come streaming out of the cane-shaped faucet for filtering through the jug-capping funnel full of ground beans.