The Glacier Stainless JavaPress Makes Great Coffee On-the-go

 - Feb 4, 2015
References: gsioutdoors
The Glacier Stainless JavaPress by GSI Outdoors is a great travel accessory that allows you to enjoy your coffee on-the-go.

Hitting the open road can often be unpredictable, necessitating nights spent in campgrounds, run-down motels or even your own car. Wherever you are though, one thing is for certain: you need your coffee. Caffeine is a godsend on the best of days, but when you're in transit? It's absolutely essential.

This rugged coffee maker is thermally-insulated and features a double-wall carafe and pour-through lid that will keep your brew hotter for longer periods of time. The french press is known for its rich and sophisticated taste that's unrivaled by filter coffee. With the Glacier Stainless JavaPress, you can bring that taste with you wherever you go.