At Cafe ArtScience, Patrons Ingest Their Meals Through Inhalation

 - Nov 7, 2014
References: cafeartscience & psfk
At the Cambridge, Massachusetts-located Cafe ArtScience customers can inhale their meals, rather than doing it the old fashioned way. Conceived by biochemical engineer David Edwards, the inventive restaurant has a flexible menu featuring items like coffee you sniff through an oPhone, clouds you 'eat' through a Le Whaf or a mint you inhale through an AeroPod. The cafe also has traditional items ingested the regular way for the less adventurous.

Mathieu Lehanneur designed the science lab-esque interior of Cafe ArtScience. The decor ceiling-hung art pieces, hexagonal detailing and sophisticated white furnishings. Some of Edwards's other inventions are on display in addition to those of his colleagues.

In the future, Edwards hopes to continue integrating science into esthetic experiences.