The Tea Mountain Tea Shop was Designed by A1 Architects

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: & contemporist
Tea Mountain cafe in Prague offers tea drinkers a tranquil and modern place to enjoy their calming beverages. The design for this tea shop seems cave-inspired. Many of the shop's walls are painted black, and the ceiling is arched like the roof of a cave. This is an interesting design concept, because while they're dark and dingy, caves can be used to shelter people from a storm. They are dark, quite spaces that offer little in the way of distractions, which makes them a good place to sit and think. This cozy tea shop offers all of the same comforts as a cave, without the dingy and cold environment.

While the space around the front counter is painted white and well lit, the seating areas are surrounded by black walls, and low lighting, giving it the feel of a modern cave.