- Sep 17, 2015
These examples of experiential fashion marketing range from branded couture eateries to spa services that boast an expensive shoe incentive. While Christian Louboutin's partnership with Hong Kong's The Upper House gives nail bar visitors a brand new pair of pristine red soles, Givenchy's custom cocktails -- offered in London's Café Royal hotel -- are inspired by the luxury brand's elegant perfume range.

In addition to luxury labels that are sparing no cost to impress an upscale demographic, lesser known names like Japanese streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD are fusing the best of both worlds with pop-ups that blend food and fashion. While NEIGBOURHOOD's 'Three Buns Capsule Collection' is inspired by the gourmet burger chain, KITH NYC recently opened a sneaker shop and breakfast bar that offers shoes and sweets to visitors.

Furthermore, vanguard retailers like Colette are capitalizing on millennials' growing H2O obsession with ventures like a pop-up water bar that associates the common beverage with luxury.

From Artisanal Couture Cafes to Shoe Incentive Spas: