Sisters Of The Road Provides Good Food and Hospitality To The Homeless

 - Apr 24, 2013
Opened in 1979, Sisters Of The Road is a community cafe located in Old Town, Portland, Oregon that aims to provide low-income dining options with dignity, as well as a safe, non-oppressive environment to organize in and work together towards a more just society.

Sisters' firmly believes that those who experience homelessness, poverty, and oppressions are often the catalysts for great change in society, and has a long history of cultivating stable, sustainable, mutually supportive relationships.

Sisters Of The Road got their logo anonymously, when someone drew three X's inside a circle on the sidewalk outside the cafe, which is a universal symbol for good food and hospitality in the homeless community.

The cafe runs off a barter model as well as a pay model, and gets most of its food from local sustainable sources. The cafe's barter work program allows customers unable to pay for their meals the opportunity to trade 15 minutes for $1.50 credit at the cafe. Alternative options are available for anyone unable to do physical work.

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