These Inspiring Initiatives Will Help You Take Action for the Environment

 - Apr 22, 2015
These Earth Day projects all present opportunities that could inspire action or offer ways to participate directly and make a difference.. Every year on April 22 people worldwide celebrate Earth Day, an annual event for environmental protection. Now coordinated by the Earth Day Network, the day of eco-activism gives people from all walks of life in more than 192 countries the chance to raise awareness and engage in green acts.

Earth Day projects can be DIY crafts that encourage you to recycle or reuse items you already have, such as handmade flower holders, upcycled hosiery headbands or DIY penny-pinching vases (which are great for Canadians with leftover pennies.) You can participate in an existing campaign or start your own, like the Ice Cream Expedition or the Sandwich Factory. You can also get involved by planting, whether you are making your own plantable seed paper or using a tree planting kit.