This DIY Project Uses Old Pennies to Transform a Vase

 - Jul 8, 2013
References: voneinspired & swaytheblog
As pennies slowly make their way out the Canadian economy, many people are finding a surplus of unused penny-pinching coins laying around the house. Since you can't really spend pennies anymore, why not use them to stylishly upcycle an old vase into a hip, copper-filled planter?

For this DIY tutorial, you're going to need to collect a large amount of pennies. Spray paint an unused vase a monochromatic color --- like black or white -- so that the copper pennies really stand out against the colored background. Carefully stick the pennies onto the vase in a straight line and watch as the old and new pennies beautifully contrast each other in color and texture. The end result is stylishly looking vase that is modern, penny-pinching and an iconic piece of Canadian monetary history.