This DIY Lamp is Recycled From a Used Spray Can

 - Aug 13, 2013
References: instructables
This DIY lamp is made out of a spray can. This particular LED reading lamp was made from an aerosol deodorant can, but in theory any spray can would work as well. This is also a great way to recycle and repurpose old cans. The designer was inspired by men in Africa who built model cars out of used food cans. The benefits of using a spray can like this one is the aluminum creates an effective reflector.

While at first glance, this DIY lamp isn't the prettiest, it would be simple enough to redecorate. One could paint the exterior of the spray can or decorate it in any other way one might choose. Depending on the design of the can you're using, the amount of work it would take to cover up fine print and logos will vary.